Winter class meetings

Schedule is tentative and subject to change. Check back for updates.
Week Class meeting Assignments/comments
1 (1/9/23) Introduction and class logistics
2 (1/16/23) Panel: past project experiences

Class meets WEDNESDAY

Motivational statements due Friday

3 (1/23/23) Getting started and tips for success Team contracts due Friday
4 (1/30/23) Amgen, Appfolio
5 (2/6/23) CCBER, Caves lab
6 (2/13/23) Carpe Data, CalCOFI Peer evaluations due Friday
7 (2/20/23) HPC workshop

No class meetings

Workshop on WEDNESDAY in Elings 1601

8 (2/27/23)

Monday: EEMB Patrick, MOVE lab

Wednesday: Evidation

9 (3/6/23) Climate Hazards teams
10 (3/13/23) P3, SLAC Interim report due Friday
11 (finals) N/A Individual reflections due Thursday

Week 1

  • Comments: teams should be scheduling their initial project meetings this week to take place during week 2.

  • Monday meeting: course overview [slides]

  • Class assignments:

    • read syllabus

    • prepare a motivational statement and [submit] by Friday 1/20 11:59pm PST

    • prepare a team contract and submit signed copy by Friday 1/27 11:59pm PST [upload to Google drive]

Week 2

Note WEDNESDAY MEETING this week due to MLK Jr. Day

  • Comments: re-read project abstract before your team meeting.

  • Wednesday meeting: student panel on past project experiences

Week 3

Comments: teams should have data in hand this week; presentation schedule updated; contracts due Friday 1/27; see meeting notes template

  • Monday meeting: getting started and tips for success [slides]

  • In-class presentations to begin next week; should focus on project background, data, goals, and current/planned work

Week 4

Comments: HPC workshop scheduled for 2/22, details TBA; presentation schedule adjusted to accommodate workshop.

Week 5

Comments: add your (full) meetings to [this calendar] (current meeting organizers have permissions); add your roles to the [project assignments spreadsheet].

Week 6

Comments: complete pre-workshop instructions (see below) before next week; peer reviews due this week.

  • Monday meeting: Carpe Data [slides] [handout]; CalCOFI [slides] [handout]

  • Peer reviews due Friday 2/17 11:59pm PST [form]

  • HPC workshop next week, Wednesday 2/22 2pm-3pm in Elings 1601. To prepare:

    • at least one student per team should attend, RSVP here

    • have one attending student per team create a CSC account with the following details

      • identify Trevor as your academic advisor

      • provide “data science capstone project” as the project description

      • indicate that your project is not NSF-funded

    • have the same student verify that they can connect to the Pod cluster

      • note windows users will need to download the PuTTy SSH client to connect

      • all users will need to be behind the campus VPN if connecting from off campus (see instructions if you are connecting from off campus)

    • lastly, have the same student install FileZilla and ensure they can open a session (see instructions above for connecting to the Pod cluster)

Week 7

Comments: no class meeting (President’s day)

  • Wednesday: high-performance computing (HPC) workshop [slides]

Week 8

Comments: class meetings will be held both Monday and Wednesday, with a shorter meeting on Wednesday; add codes distributed for (most of) 197C and should follow shortly for 190DF (and the rest), please enroll for 4 credits.

Week 9

Week 10

Comments: do meet with your teams this week, set aside some time in this last meeting to reflect and set goals for next quarter; take a break from meetings during finals week and spring break; no further class meetings planned for the quarter.