Today’s agenda

  1. Discuss Winter/Spring enrollment
  2. Demo assignment repository
  3. Group meetings

Capstone projects

  • 10 projects, half industry, half lab

  • project abstracts will be distributed following Thanksgiving

  • you get to rank preferred projects

  • assignments made over the break


  • commit to two terms of work

    • compose and sign a team contract defining project roles and teamwork expectations
  • 4 credits per term \(\approx\) 12hr/week commitment

    • one 1.25hr class meeting per week

    • one 1hr project meeting per week with sponsor and mentor and one 1hr+ student team meeting per week

    • ~2hr of meeting prep and ‘soft’ tasks per week

    • 5hr of project work per week

    • ~2hr flex time


  • now: fill out enrollment request form (even if you’re not sure about commitment right now)

  • end of fall: review project abstracts and specify preferences

  • winter break: receive assignments and develop motivational statement

  • winter quarter: develop team contract and begin work

    • peer review and reflection at midquarter, start of spring, and mid-spring
  • end of spring: poster showcase on campus

Group assignment

Sit with your team.

Go to the table number matching your team number mod 10.