Group assignment workshops

PSTAT197A/CMPSC190DD Fall 2022

Trevor Ruiz



  • finish discussing results from last time

  • setup for first group assignment due next Friday

    • assignment objectives and instructions

    • review repository

  • workshop ideas and plan tasks in groups

Assignment objective

Your task: prepare and present a descriptive analysis of the survey responses addressing 2-3 questions or goals of your choosing.

  • questions or goals should be of moderate complexity; easy to state and understand but should require a little work to answer

    • too simple: what proportion of students have research experience?

    • better: are students with research experience more confident/comfortable with technical skills than students without, considering coursework history?


The learning outcomes for this assignment are less focused on methodology:

  • formulate questions and plan a simple analysis

  • practice using a GitHub repo in a team project setting

  • prepare a report

  • learn one or more new-to-you data manipulation techniques

Assignment set-up

  1. accept GH classroom assignment here; this will create/add your team repo
  2. clone repo to local
  3. review repo contents:
    • data with survey responses and metadata

    • scripts with preprocessing and in-class analysis

    • results with report template for preparing write-up

    • with assignment instructions


Your ‘submission’ will be in the form of commits to the group repository, in particular:

  • an updated results/report.qmd file containing your write-up source

  • a rendered results/report.html file

Please make final commits by Friday, October 14, 11:59pm PST.

Recall there is a 24-hour grace period; any commits submitted after Saturday 11:59pm may not receive review.


Workshopping today

Try to accomplish three goals:

  1. pool ideas for questions or themes to explore in the data
  2. pair up, divide work, and assign tasks
  3. agree on a communication plan for finishing work
    • slack groupchat or similar

    • meeting outside of class sometime next week