Basic GitHub actions

PSTAT197A/CMPSC190DD Fall 2022

Trevor Ruiz



Objective for today

Learn how to interact with GitHub repositories:

  • retrieve and submit file changes;

  • examine repository updates;

  • use branches for parallel workflow;

  • resolve conflicts.

Basic Git actions

Communication actions for moving file changes between locations

Branching workflow

Typical use of repository branches for development of new features

Activity overview

  1. Make individual changes to files and create ‘commits’
  2. Create repository branches to enable you to work more efficiently in parallel.
  3. Merge branches with the main branch via pull request.
  4. Create and resolve a merge conflict.


  • have everyone open their GitHub client, the sandbox project in RStudio, and the group sandbox repository in the browser on

  • choose one person to operate the table workstation; have them do the same and log in to github using their credentials

  • on the workstation, create a directory for the class documents/22f-pstat197a and clone the group sandbox repo into this directory